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Best Price Vivitek H1080FD 1080p Home Theater Projector (White)

Vivitek H1080FD 1080p Home Theater Projector (White)

Product Description
The Vivitek H1080FD is a high performance digital projector that integrates into any home theater based installation. With native 1080p resolutionthe H1080FD delivers brilliant and amazing digital images with full color saturation. Designed for high impact picture quality the Vivitek H1080FD is unmatched and unrivaled in function and performance.

  • Amazing 5000:1 Contrast Ratio for Vivid Images
  • Bright 1800 Lumens for dazzling images
  • Texas Instrument DLP Technology paired with Brilliant Color delivers impressive digital images
  • Two HDMI Ports for connecting multiple high-definition devices

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Somewhere over the Rainbow
If you are a newbie like me, go look up the rainbow effect for dlp sets. That is the problem here. Basically, this unit uses a 3x color wheel meaning that you can these rainbows all over the place in 1080p content. And frankly, aren't you here because you want 1080p?

This unit is better than the Optima H20 that you are likely also looking at in every way except what I just mentioned, but you're going to have to take that hit. I'm returning this unit now for the Optima. Such a shame. It was almost perfect.

Flawed but otherwise great looking
The bad: I'm not 100% sure but when I connected a component video cable to my previous projector, a mitsubishi hc1000 720p I did NOT get redish horizontal lines going through the viewed image. Nor did I occasionally get distorted skin tones. However, i did experience this with the Vivitek. Again, this is only with the component video cable. I happen to think that for viewing a digital cable box, its' better to use component. In any case an HDMI cable is fantastic especially for viewing Blu-Ray or HD DVD. This issue with rainbow effect, is not as slight as they make it out to me. Maybe I'm one of those people who is more sensitive to it. My wife said she sees it too but only when she makes an effort to see it, like quickly removing her eyes from the screen. Any way the effect is definintely there and I've already surpassed more than 50 hours of viewing but I would otherwise exchange it for a projector that does not have this effect.

The Good; Other than these "flaws" Just pop in a blu-ray, especially one of the newer movies and prepare to be awed ! Between the luminance, the resolution and the color, It truly makes for a satisfying viewing experiance. I watched the movie The public Enemies on blu ray and it was like, true home theater experience if not better than at the movies. The Roku movies (to long to explain what this is but for those who have it, you know what I mean) in HD also look fantastic, but again only the newer movies blow you away. Older movies that have been converted to HD somehow and do not make as good an impact. In summary, take away the fault when viewing through a component video, take away the dreaded rainbow effect, and take away the fan noise (it's not overwhelming but it is noticable, I have mine cealing mounted so that helps a bit) and focus on the HD or Blue ray viewed movies, and this projector is to die for.

Pretty good for the price
Returning it for the Epson 8100. I do see some rainbow effects but rarely. Colors and everything look great but this is my first projectors and I have nothing to compare to. Remember if you want to place it on the table or shelf it is not possible because of its limited zoom and non existence tilt function. I am buying the Epson 8100 so I can place it anywhere with flexibility. If you can spend 400 dollar more buy the Epson 8100.

Decent projector
I just got mine last night. It was easy to set up even though the manual is on a disc. I hooked up my blu ray player to the projector and slipped in a blu ray disc. The colors are nice and rich with a blu ray disc. I subsequently watched a regular 480p DVD and the picture wasn't so great. This may be attributed to the fact that I was watching an older movie from the 60's so that may account for the grainy appearance. I was extremely disappointed with the fact that while I was watching an action flick on Blu ray, I could see some of the rainbow effect, albeit brief, while scanning the screen. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. I may return the projector and go for a more expensive LCD model so I won't have this problem. Other than the rainbow effect and the 480p DVD, this is a nice little unit.

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